Thoughts on Rabbi Hirsch: Video Shiurim

In these brief (fifteen minute) shiurim, I plan to use Rabbi Hirsch's thoughts on Chumash and the Moadim to focus on some of the more fundamental themes of his system. I hope these will allow you to better integrate Hirschian – Torah – values into your daily lives; lives constantly building in moral strength.
Boruch Clinton - Toronto


Parshas Titzave
    How the bigdei kohen godol are, in a way, much more important than the kohen godol himself.
Parshas Bo
    Exile and redemption as a carefully planned curriculum for nationhood.
Parshas Bshalach
    Making Moshe Rabbainu redundant: building direct relationships with God.
Parshas Yisro
    What was the meaning and purpose of the advice that Yisro gave Moshe? And why didn't Moshe think of it on his own?
Parshas Mishpatim
    An examination of amah ha'ivria: child marriage and slavery as a Torah lesson in social and moral responsibility.
Parshas Teruma
    Some background to Rabbi Hirsch's presentation of the menorah as a guide to intelligent and moral lifestyle choices.