Emails on Judaism

A small sampling of my responses to hundreds of emailed questions about Torah and Jewish life:

Torah and Society

Talmud and Modern Morality: Were the rabbis even interested?

Living Without Shame: Eating disorders through the lens of eternal reward

Torah and Slavery: How can they co-exist?

Olomeinu Magazine’s Shady Deal: A respected children’s magazine drops the ball on Torah values


Is the Oral Torah Authoritative? A second look at the outdated challenge from Academia

Authorship: Bible criticism made simple

Velikovsky: Biblical History, Leprosy and Science

Alphabet Goop: Archaeology and the politics of ancient writing


Bad Timing: When prayer and life don’t get along

Did God Create Evil?

Jewish Prayer: From outside In

Finding Faith: A short and incomplete course for the Jewish searcher

Observing Shabbos: What’s in it for the universe

The Big Questions: Divine justice through the eyes of the Torah

The Health Mitzvah: Balancing health concerns with Torah life

Living With Pain: Strategies for dealing with crises and emotional suffering

Adopting a Mitzvah: Focus and Grow

Jewish Life

Conversion: Being and becoming

Analyzing Intermarriage

Kollel or…? Can a young couple committed to building a deep relationship with God also find success outside of the kollel world? Executive summary: yes.

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