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Rabbi Hirsch, leveraging his vast and deeply thoughtful mastery of Torah literature, succeeded in presenting the Torah and its mitzvos in their unadulterated, organic context as perhaps no one else before or since. Hirsch’s Judaism is unapologetic and uncompromising, but at the same time finds perfect harmony with the natural and social world within which it exists. Perhaps most critically, Rabbi Hirsch’s Judaism requires no unnatural and extreme innovations or isolation for its protection: it has the confidence to face God’s world on its own terms, free of the cynicism that can wear down some Torah models.

More than a century after his death, Rabbi Hirsch’s vision for pure Torah Judaism seems to be inspiring more individuals than ever before. But, in a strange way, the key word seems to be “individuals.” For while it may not be practical for a contemporary kehila or even yeshiva to bind itself wholeheartedly to Hirschian ideals, there’s no shortage of individual Jews and their families who attribute their success adapting to a fast-changing social landscape to the ever-youthful idealism of Rabbi Hirsch.

The modern Hirschian world is a very quiet place. There are no grand buildings or endowments; no expensive commemorative dinners or flashy conventions; not even weekend Torah retreats where Hirsch’s 21st Century talmidim can join together to warm themselves next to the eternal flame of his thoughts. All there is can be found in the sanctity of individual Jewish homes and hearts.

…And on the Internet. The private passion for the God of Rabbi Hirsch seems to spill over and find its public voice on that most democratic medium. So that those voices should be better heard, I created this page as a place where the greatest possible number of people seeking to know more of Rabbi Hirsch can find links to useful and inspiring content. If you’re aware of something I’ve missed, or perhaps just want to share some Hirschian news, please let me know.

Boruch Clinton

The Hirsch Chumash in Hebrew available online for free

The AlHaTorah.org Mikraot Gedolot project now includes the complete Feldheim Hebrew Hirsch Chumash. Click “Show Additional Commentaries” within any possuk and select רש”ר הירש

Thoughts from Rabbi Hirsch’s contemporary talmidim:

Ongoing content:

Essays by Rabbi Yitzchok Adlerstein:

Other essays:

Links to the published seforim of Rabbi Hirsch:

(These links lead to Amazon.com pages. Most titles are also available from Feldheim.com)

Closely related works:

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